Lead-Generating Quiz Funnel Strategy

For impact-driven coaches, consultants and course creators who want to use engaging quizzes to attract qualified DREAM clients, build relationships faster with new audience members and streamline their customer journey — and do it all without overwhelm.⁣⁠

There has never been a better time to create a quiz for your business.

Building a strategic quiz funnel can amplify your message and elevate the impact of the work you do to skyrocket your business beyond your wildest dreams.

But figuring out what kind of quiz to create for your audience, what questions to ask and how to set up and manage the tech side of your funnel is giving you a massive creativity headache. Ouch!

What if it didn’t have to be so complicated?

As your Online Brand “Big Sister”, I’ll help you cut through the chaos so you can build a high-converting quiz that helps more of the right people find and fall in love with your brand.

Hi, I’m AnnMarie Rose!

If you’ve been thinking about creating a quiz for your brand, but haven’t started because you’re not sure where to begin (or if quizzes will even work for your business)… I feel you.⁣⁠

The very first quiz I ever created took me 4 months to build. I would go to a coffee shop every Monday and Wednesday after teaching a spin class and work on my quiz for hours.

At the time, no one was teaching how to successfully create an online quiz for businesses. I had to develop my own quiz creation strategy from scratch, which was especially painstaking and frustrating because my quiz had 16 different outcomes.

Admittedly, 16 outcomes is a little “extra.” But this choice led me to an epiphany that changed everything: You have to reverse engineer the quiz-building process starting with your desired outcomes and goals to create a quiz that’s actually worth taking and talking about. THAT kind of quiz will make a measurable, game-changing impact on your business!

My proven quiz-success framework has already helped HUNDREDS of coaches, consultants and course creators elevate their impact and income. Will you be next?


“I knew if I tried to DIY my quiz myself, I’d spend so many hours on research overcomplicating things. Honestly, it would have never gotten done. I loved AnnMarie’s Quizness Program because it broke down the process of creating a quiz into really clear and structured phases so that I could just focus on one thing at a time. Within the FIRST WEEK of launching, I had almost 250 people take my quiz!

– Akansha Agrawal, Storytelling Coach

1-on-1 VIP Quiz Intensive

You’re looking for hands-on support to build an incredible quiz funnel that will increase your leads and sales so you can achieve your most important business goals faster and grow your brand in the process.

Create and launch your entire quiz funnel from scratch in less than a month with collaborative support every step of the way.

This intensive is action-oriented and tailored to your brand’s specific needs. We’ll map out your quiz and funnel from start to finish, then dive right into collaborative implementation during our calls. You’ll walk away from every session with the most important work DONE, and done right.

VIP Quiz Funnel Intensive

  • Pre-Consult Quiz-Related Goal Review
  • (2) 90-Minute Quiz Co-Creation Sessions
  • (1) 30-Minute Quiz Launch Session
  • (1) 30-Minute Optimization Session
  • Recordings of All Sessions
  • Custom Quiz Funnel Copy/Content Support
  • Quiz Funnel Copy/Content Support & Templates
  • 20+ Page Quizness Playbook
  • Full Access To Quizness Training Program 
  • $550/month Quiz Platform Savings

Investment: 2 Payments of $3,000

(2 Spots Left For 2021, Now Booking Clients For Q4)


“As someone who’s worked in the online marketing space for the last 7 years, I know how important lead generation is for your business. AnnMarie has developed one of the most incredible frameworks around the quiz creation process to help you create the most effective quiz for YOUR business. Her Quizness Roadmap will not only help you decide WHAT kind of quiz to create but also what platform to create your quiz on, what questions to ask, and engaging ways to ask those questions so your quiz is not just a way for your ideal audience to get a result but is ALSO fun and engaging and gets them excited.”

– Jaymie Tarshis, Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist

Amazing Quizzes Our Clients Have Built

Quizzes are one of the HIGHEST CONVERTING and MOST ENGAGING lead magnets you can use to grow your business.

They might feel complicated to build but this doesn’t have to be the case. Trying to figure out the HOW shouldn’t stop you from attracting the audience members, clients and sales you deserve!

My Quizness framework will clear up all the confusion and I’ll support you the whole way. We’ll create a quiz your audience members will LOVE without wasting any more time so you can make serious, measurable progress toward your goals. 

If creating a quiz has been in the back of your mind and you’ve been hesitant to dive in, it’s time to make it happen!

Want to DIY your own strategic quiz funnel with step-by-step guidance?

Meet Quizness: The Online Program Experience!

I’ll walk you through the entire process of building and launching a high converting quiz funnel that attracts more engaged audience members and converts more ideal clients!

The best part? You don’t need any special skills, tons of cash or a fancy tech degree to make it happen. I’ll guide you through everything step-by-step: from choosing your ideal quiz type, writing compelling questions and even selecting and setting up your quiz with software that fits your needs AND budget.